Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Ending Explained: There’s a difference

She was the mother of a season of murder mayhem that featured beautiful bouquets of bloody roses that struck fear into the hearts of PLLs throughout Pretty Little Liars: Summer School.

After this amazing first episode, the season took some interesting liberties with the number of kills. However, looking back, he succeeded in keeping the masses in the dark and on their toes as much as he did the little liars.

The wait was definitely worth it with an ending that looked exactly like Scream 2 but did so in a way that felt more realistic and with much higher stakes as it ended with five times the final girls and more motivation than viewers will ever be able to follow along.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 ending explained

If you’re a little lost or haven’t caught up on everything that happened in the eventful finale of the series, we’ve got you covered with the clarified ending of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School.

Beneath those bloody bandages was a murderous mother consumed by delusional grief

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Let’s get this out of the way now. Go ahead and take my detective card because Mrs. Langsbury was a “bloody rose” and didn’t even make my top five suspect list.

The reveal felt like a poignant moment because how could it not have been abundantly clear that she was the “killer mom” all season?

Bloody Rose - Pretty Little Liars: Summer School - Season 1 Episode 5

As the saying goes, “the best place to hide is often in plain sight,” and the writers certainly took that to heart by only having Ms. Langsbury appear three times, her previous appearance being in “Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 Episode 6.” House of Hell.

By the final episode, it was clear that the theme of this season was centered around mothers, making you think that maybe the writers should have called this season “A Mother’s Love” instead of “Summer School.”

Although “Mother’s Love” may not have been accurate as the woman was incredibly delusional, claiming until the end that Chip was a good boy even though Imogene’s baby DNA proved him to be a terrifying and disgusting rapist.

Even Archie Waters can see the truth, wearing a mask with no eye holes.

Bloody Rose - Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 Episode 7

I’m sorry you’re crazier than a squirrel, Mrs. Langsbury. Tabby was right. Chip got what he deserved.

I imagine every viewer felt a huge wave of satisfaction when Varane quickly kicked that sick mother in the face and knocked her out cold, ending her reign of terror and she was taken into police custody. Although she has a good argument for pleading insanity.

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Vulgar killers come in all shapes and sizes, but Wes was the stupid, crazy type

It has to be said that Wes was also no rival to the killer, partly because Bloody Rose was very clearly a woman and also because the self-proclaimed director was quite a basic bro.

Wes - Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, Season 1, Episode 6

It turns out that was only scratching the surface of potential misogyny and racism, as revealed on Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 Episode 8, “Final Exam.”

It takes a disturbing amount of narcissism to come up with his elaborate plan, all for the sake of making a realistic horror movie with no intention of getting away with it just for the glory of remembering his name.

There’s no way around the glaring similarities between Wes and a handful of killers from the Scream series, except that these killers were truly psychotic extremists. In contrast, Wes is, in Tabby’s words, “You’re a hacker. I know it. Everyone knows it.”

The only impressive aspect of Wes is that his plan was well planned through his agents, which finally answers the question of how Bloody Rose knew where the girls were and what they were doing at all times.

Killer Weiss - Pretty Little Liars: Summer School - S0108 Season 1 Episode 8

The only other thing he did that was somewhat innovative was highlighting the love interests because, as a previously mentioned franchise selector says, “Never trust the love interests.”

If Wes had put more effort into a genius story instead of creating Spooky Spaghetti to radicalize the troubled residents of Millwood, he probably would have headed to a film festival like Tabby instead of state prison.

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The Dead Doctor marks the shift from old to new as the series cleans house

Oh, Anne. She couldn’t be a good doctor for the girls, and now she’s food for worms, all because she was willing to make money off of shocking PLLs.

Dr. Sullivan - Pretty Little Liars: Summer School - Season 1 Episode 1

Such extreme betrayal felt at odds with the character’s personality from the original Pretty Little Liars, where she always served as a guiding light and support system.

Quite frankly, it seems like the point of that final scene was to justify killing her off so as not to anger viewers who had grown to love the crossover character. However, it fits the darker, sadder themes explored in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School.

It was a strange part of Wes’ plan as the exact purpose of her kidnapping was never made clear because the girls still thought she was a suspect even after she was kidnapped.

At best, its only useful aspect was building the idea that Bloody Rose was tagging and taking in grieving mothers, specifically those suffering loss.

Dr. Sullivan - Pretty Little Liars: Summer School - S01E08 Season 1 Episode 8

The big question is what will happen to her book after Archie turns her into Swiss cheese? As we see in the end, the publisher has her book, and all that’s left is for the girls to sign – Fat Chance.

If word reaches the Liars next season, it’s a terrible way to leave a legacy, but what’s done is done.

Lies are always more believable when they are closer to the truth, so there is no telling what Dr. Sullivan could have done. In the words of “A” from the original series, “The Doctor is out.”

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The prodigal son returns home to take the place where he was last stabbed

It just wouldn’t be the same this season without the notorious Liars being hunted down and terrorized with cryptic messages and staged murders.

He made that impression on Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 Episode 1 with a body count that rivals his own in Original Sin.

Archie S01E01 - Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 Episode 1

At least with Archie Waters, you knew what you were getting. He was a dark and deadly vigilante to take down bullies everywhere. It would be almost noble if he wasn’t wearing a terrifying enough mask to equal Michael Myers.

Now that not only has his mother been murdered, but the skin has been removed from her face, there’s honestly no telling how Archie will process this information or how bad it will get for Imogen, Farran, Tabby, Mouse, Noah and Kelly.

His “resurrection” is also likely a reference to the return of all the Mothers of Liars, who were completely absent this time. However, since no one knows Archie is alive after his death was reported during the prison riot, we’re probably approaching calm-before-the-storm mode.

This final episode of Pretty Little Liars took many liberties and influences from Scream. It’s surprising that Spyglass didn’t approach Max about licensing, but the series was all the better for it because it provided a truly entertaining experience.

Archie - Pretty Little Liars: Summer School - S01E08 Season 1 Episode 8

What lies ahead for the Liars is uncertain, but if the show resumes for another season, it will undoubtedly be filled with gore as the mission of each sequel is to outdo the previous one with more carnage.

Thank you, Randy Meeks and Tabby, for keeping viewers prepared for any possible scenarios by reminding us to go out the front door and not take the stairs.

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What did you think of the ending of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School? Have you linked the killers or are you as surprised as we are?

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