Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 will be led by Chef Johnathan Shillington in

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 will be led by Chef Johnathan Shillington in the galley. Even though he’s a new face on this hit Bravo series, he’s not a newb in the yachting industry. This means that we (hopefully) won’t be seeing microwaved steaks, baking meltdowns, canned fish, or even a fumbled high tea arising. Gracious, we’ve had some seriously bad chefs over the years, eh?

But who is Johnathan? Will he be a problem, or is he going to bring the fun? And also, who will he best vibe with on BDM Season 9? Let me pour you a quick cup of Joe Johnathan here now.

Johnathan’s job experience

According to Johnathan’s Bravo bio, he has seven years of experience in this industry. Now, he’s bringing his expertise onboard the motor yacht Mustique. As for his skill set, at this time, his professional Instagram page is private, so I can’t dig around and let you know how his dishes are presented. However, on his personal page, he’s got a few images scattered here and there, and from what I can tell, our man is into colorful, healthy, farm-to-table-styled recipes.

And wine. And also Speedos.

Johnathan’s professional bio states that he’s a “Head Yacht Chef” and a “Culinary Architect.” He’s also listed himself here as a “Twerking Empath.” On his public page, I watched a few of his stories, and the hashtag #twerkingchef is rather dominant. So for now, all that I can gather is that we’ve got ourselves an entertaining, experienced empath (for the rump nation) coming onboard to dwell in the galley during Below Deck Med Season 9.

Fun facts from Johnathan’s preference sheet

Every season, Bravo does a pretty great job at introducing their latest crews. Recapped almost like individual preference sheets, the network posts random facts about each new cast member online. Here are the main deets that Johnathan supplied for us about his likes, dislikes, and also his hometown.

This new chef will be coming to us live from Roseau, Dominica. Born on July 7, Johnathan’s a Cancer. So, if you’re into zodiac signs, let this fact guide your thought processes on what he might be bringing to the table, apart from his food.

In his listed special skills, Johnathan said, “Twerking, singing, cooking all the food and design. I’m also great at accents.” Okay now. But, does this mean that Johnathan might be coming for Bugsy Drake’s crown as our latest tablescaping aficionado?

Just like all of us who are gathered here today, Johnathan’s a big fan of all things Bravo. “Real Housewives, Queer Eye [for the Straight Guy]Top Chef, and Project Runway” are all listed as his favorite series. Another one of his favorites is his “mom. Gilly is my rock and the best cheerleader anyone could ask for,” he sweetly revealed.

Finally, if you end up falling in love with this new chef, and you want to take Johnathan away on a fantastic trip once this season ends, he’s got preferences on his top desired locations as well. “I love French Polynesia and the Tuamotu islands. Both are, literally, heaven on Earth,” he states. Same. So, now you also have to take me as well.

What the sneak peek teases about Johnathan

The first sighting of Johnathan comes in the BDM Season 9 sneak peek. Here, he’s walking up to the yacht wearing a black tee, looking excited. As for his first impressions of his temporary home, Johnathan joked in his bio that “she’s a cute, big, old girl who maybe needs a facelift.” But then, his Instagram bios both start ringing true, as the cameras cut to the galley, where he’s twerking while werking.

Not shockingly, twerking right behind him is Aesha Scott. The way that I’m hoping that these two continually vibe hard throughout this season… As a whole, this franchise has grown dark and borderline toxic as of late. We deserve fun, nice things, so please twerk on, yachties.

Following his galley gyrations, Johnathan appears again, but this time, he’s standing outside, serving a group of charter guests, explaining that he’s “self-taught.” Unfortunately for him, the very next scene he appears in shows a (likely) primary guest telling his boss, aka Captain Sandy Yawn, that “the food was only okay.” Right away, Johnathan pops back into the frame, sassily quipping “damn” in a confessional.

Overall, this season looks like it might get dramatic. But from what’s been released so far, Johnathan doesn’t appear to be one of the main problem starters. I love that for him.


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