Very expressive short stories

Reading short stories has many benefits, and it contains excitement and fun in a short amount of time. Therefore, anyone who reads short stories, especially expressive and useful ones, reaps all their benefits.

This type of story captures the hearts of many, so we find many people searching for it, and from here we decided to fill our library on the Real Stories website with many expressive and useful short stories.

The first story:

It is considered one of the most beautiful and expressive short stories ever…

There was a man in Colorado who had made searching for gold and getting rich quick his first and last concern. He actually spent many months searching and digging for gold, and suddenly the man lost his passion, determination and resolve, especially since the work had become much more difficult than at the beginning.

The man decided to stop and give up everything, and he actually sold all his equipment to another man. The man who bought all the equipment from him did not remove it from its place, but left it in its place and sought the help of a specialist in minerals and soil. The specialist’s statement was that the gold in the ground was three miles away from the place where he stopped prospecting.

Meaning that the man who gave up on his dream and did not persevere to achieve it was three miles away from the wealth he had always dreamed of.

Once the new owner actually started prospecting and searching, he found gold at the same distance that the specialist had told him about, and he became rich in a very short and limited time.

The moral of the story:

Never give up your determination, persistence and perseverance to achieve your dream, especially when things around you become more difficult.

Many people around us give up on their dreams and stop striving to achieve them. It is sad that they might be on a date with achieving their dreams sooner than they think, and if they had insisted a little on continuing, they would have achieved the success they seek.

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The second story:

It is also considered one of the most beautiful expressive and useful short stories…

At one of the prestigious universities, there was a university professor who wanted to teach his students something very valuable. He entered the lecture and took out a twenty-dollar bill from his pocket. He asked his students, “Who wants this bill?” and held it up in front of them all so they would know that it was twenty dollars.

Without exception, all the students raised their hands wanting to get it. The professor told them that one of them would get it, but be patient. He folded it irregularly between his fingers so that it became wrinkled and asked again: “Who wants this banknote?”

And again, they all raised their hands, wanting it, without exception. The professor threw it on the ground and started stepping on it with his foot more than once. The students were amazed at his condition and what he was doing. He picked it up and asked his students again: “Who wants to have it now?!”

Everyone raised their hands to get the banknote without exception. The professor smiled and said: “You know that no matter what I do to this banknote and no matter how much I spoil it, it still retains its actual value. It still maintains its value and status. I want all of you to be like these twenty dollars. No matter what challenges you face in this life, you still retain your actual value and never lose it!”

The moral of the story:

Our lives are full of circumstances and challenges that are harsh on all of us, and sometimes because of the severity of what we suffer in life, we feel as if we are literally worthless, and thus we deal with bad circumstances and make worse decisions, the results and effects of which we must later deal with on ourselves.

But despite all these challenges and harsh conditions, each of us has his own value, and we must not lose it.

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The third story:

Among the useful stories and lessons that have an expressive and beneficial impact…

One day, there was a mother sitting with her little boy. He asked her a very beautiful question: “Mom, why do we have a hump on our back?!”

His mother answered him, saying: “My son, God Almighty gave this characteristic to camels because we walk long distances in the desert that last for days and days, and with the hump we can store water inside it to be able to survive in the desert.”

Her little one asked her, “Why, mom, are our feet like this?!”

She answered him with a wonderful smile as she felt that her little one had grown up and started asking questions that wanted to know everything as much as possible: “God created these feet of ours in this shape and this way so that we could walk with them on the sand in the middle of the desert.”

He continued his questions, saying: “What about my long eyelashes, Mom?!”

His mother replied: “These long eyelashes, my son, are to protect us from the sand.”

Sadness appeared on her little one’s face and he said: “Mother, what is the use of all these traits and characteristics that God Almighty has given us while we are prisoners in this garden?” He meant the zoo to watch and enjoy for many people!

The moral of the story:

The skills and abilities that God has given us will not be of any use or benefit to us if we are in the wrong place and position. There are many people who do not feel psychological comfort and do not find satisfaction in their jobs, and despite all of that, they do not try to change their situation or change their lives for the better to stay in a place they love or feel even a little comfort and satisfaction.

So, a valuable piece of advice, if you ever find yourself stuck in a place that is not right for you, you have to search within yourself for your skills, strengths, and what you are literally good at doing, so that your skills and abilities are not wasted in the place you are in now.

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