Stories of the Prophets, our Master Moses, peace be upon him

The prophets are the messengers of God Almighty to us to guide us to the straight path and the right method that God revealed to us so that we may improve our affairs and populate the earth. The prophets are those to whom God revealed His message and commanded them to convey His law and call them in the best way to the worship of the One and Only God.

Many stories of the prophets and messengers have been mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, for the sake of lesson and knowledge of the conditions of the people who preceded us, and to take into account what happened and what is the similarity between our lives and their lives. God Almighty urges us to persevere in the truth, no matter how great the circumstances are and no matter how severe the afflictions are, to defend the truth always and forever and to know falsehood. Avoid it and fight it with all possible means that God Almighty has made available to us.

Stories of the Prophets, Moses, peace be upon him:

The story of our Master Moses, peace be upon him, is considered the most famous story of all among the stories of the prophets and the most mentioned in terms of the surahs of the Holy Qur’an, as it was mentioned in many noble surahs and verses.

The story of our Master Moses, peace be upon him, was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in more than twenty noble surahs, with surahs that were presented in detailed form, such as surahs Al-Baqarah, Al-A’raf, Taha, Al-Shuara’a, and Al-Qasas, and surahs that were presented in abbreviated form, such as surahs Al-Rum, Al-Dukhan, and others.

Our Master Moses, peace be upon him, was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an more than a hundred times, and our Messenger Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, used to say when he was severely harmed: “May God have mercy on Moses. He was harmed more than this, but he was patient.”

His lineage, peace be upon him:

Our master “Moses”, peace be upon him, is from the Children of Israel. His lineage goes back to our master “Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham”, peace be upon them. God Almighty sent him to Pharaoh and his people to call them to worship the One, Almighty God and not to associate anything with Him.

His birth, peace be upon him:

The verses in Surat Al-Qasas in the Holy Quran came in more than forty verses that dealt with the circumstances in which our master “Moses” was born, peace be upon him, starting with what God revealed to his mother, his condition when he grew up and matured, his migration to the land of Midian, his honor with prophethood during his return from the land of Midian to Egypt, his call to the tyrant Pharaoh and his people and the types of torment that befell them, and how Pharaoh became a lesson, and the actions of the Children of Israel with their prophet…

Our Master Moses, peace be upon him, was born in circumstances in which Pharaoh had gone far in his oppression and arrogance in the land and had filled the land with tyranny and corruption. He was making the children of Israel taste the most severe types of torment, and while the children of Israel were in the most severe types of torment and calamity due to the actions of Pharaoh, a soothsayer would come forward to Pharaoh and tell him that The demise of his kingdom and his destruction at the hands of a child born to the children of Israel, so Pharaoh immediately orders the slaughter of the sons and keeps the women alive.

The mother of our master “Moses” peace be upon him:

The mother of our Master Moses, peace be upon him, was about to give birth to her baby. She was afraid and anxious, and when she went into labor and gave birth, she hid his condition from the people around her for fear that what would befall people like him would happen to him. So God Almighty inspired her to put him in a box and throw him into the sea.

As soon as she did what God Almighty had inspired her to do, she asked her daughter to follow her brother’s footsteps and see what would happen with him. Indeed, his sister followed his footsteps and was horrified when the box stopped in front of Pharaoh’s palace itself!

As soon as the eyes of Pharaoh’s wife fell on the newborn, God Almighty placed his love in her heart, so she asked her husband Pharaoh to take him as their son. At the same time, the heart of Moses’ mother was almost breaking and suffering from the intensity of fear and sadness for her newborn, but she was confident that God would not waste him and would protect him. Save it, which is not good.

So God Almighty forbade all wet nurses to our master Moses, peace be upon him, and despite his continuous cries of hunger, he refused all wet nurses. So God guided his sister and she approached Pharaoh’s palace and said: (Shall I direct you to a wet nurse?) They asked her to bring her quickly, so the daughter brought her mother as one of the wet nurses, so Moses, peace be upon him, responded to her.

And God’s promise was true. Her son Moses, peace be upon him, responded to her and even took him back to her home to take care of him until he grew up and was weaned. As soon as Moses’ mother finished weaning him, she returned him to the palace to grow up within its walls and become a man of great importance.

His message, peace be upon him:

When our master Moses, peace be upon him, reached the age of forty, God Almighty revealed the message to him. He delivered the message to Pharaoh and his people, and he was a refuge for all the weak, oppressed, and afflicted people, protecting them from the clear injustice and great pain that weighed heavily on them.

Our Master Moses, peace be upon him, appeared to be open to Pharaoh and his people about what they hated, so he disappeared from sight. One day, while he was walking in the streets of the city, one of his people called for victory in him. Moses, peace be upon him, helped him. He was very strong, so he struck the Copt, and he was the judge, so Moses regretted it. Peace is the greatest regret.

He asked forgiveness from his Lord and repented to Him and repented of his actions. He was anxious and anxious after he killed the man, and while he was in this state, the same Hebrew man asked for his help a second time from another Copt. Our master Moses, peace be upon him, became angry with him and said to him: “You are a clear linguist.”

The news of Moses killing the man spread throughout the city, and Pharaoh ordered the people to search for him to take revenge. A man came to Moses quickly and told him that the people were searching for him, so Moses, peace be upon him, left the city under the cover of darkness.

“Moses,” peace be upon him, went to the land of Midian (currently Jordan), and there was one of God’s prophets, “Shuaib,” peace be upon him. Our Master Moses arrived in Medina after an arduous journey fraught with danger.

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