Stories of jinn titled Underground Dwellers! (It really happened)

Jinn stories have their fans and lovers, and despite their breathtaking events while reading them, you find that at the same time they capture your full attention, and because of the intensity of that effect on your soul, you feel as if you are immersed in their terrifying events.

Often times, when we mention the word horror, the first thing that comes to mind is fictional stories, but they could also be true stories that actually happened, like our story today.

Stories of the jinn who live underground:

It is considered one of the most terrifying series of jinn stories ever…

My paternal grandmother had a habit that she always did and she did not feel good and happy unless she did it and her heart was at peace with it. At the end of each school year, she would go on a trip to visit her brother who lived in the villages, far away from where we lived in the cities.

My grandmother decided that I should accompany her on her visit to my grandfather. This was my first visit to my grandfather’s house. I felt so happy that I was completely overwhelmed. My grandmother always talked to me about her brother, whom she loved very much, and about his luxurious house and the vast lands that he divided up for agriculture to make them into diverse and different farms.

Because of my grandmother’s many stories about my grandfather, I loved him before I even saw him, and I even longed to see him. I was counting the days and looking forward to the day when we would go and leave our home and city life.

We arrived at my grandfather’s house, my grandmother’s brother, and indeed everything was more beautiful than my grandmother had described. I felt how small I was in front of my grandfather’s palace, which was breathtaking. I realized then that I would not be able to fully discover it no matter how long we stayed because of its size. We felt a welcome from everyone in the palace that was unparalleled at all. It was the first time in my life that I realized my value and acceptance from people I was seeing for the first time.

They all gathered around me, because my grandmother had always talked about me during previous visits, and because of the frequency with which they mentioned me, a strong desire had been ingrained within them to see me and get to know me. We sat and talked while eating dinner, which was very lavish, and the strange thing was that it was in my honor. At the time, I was not yet ten years old, and I was receiving all this attention from everyone!

They wanted to stay with us until morning but my grandmother told them not to and told them that her grandson was in dire need of rest and some sleep because he had travelled a long distance to come to them. As soon as I went upstairs with my grandmother to the bedroom, strange and suspicious events began to occur with me!

People underground!:

Honestly, as soon as I threw my body on the bed, I fell into a deep sleep that did not wake me up from until I felt the bed shaking under us as if an earthquake had struck the ground beneath it. I screamed loudly, and my grandmother woke up. I found her immediately reciting Ayat al-Kursi and the two Mu’awwidhat. Suddenly, the people of the house rushed to us, led by my grandfather. They helped us, and after that, my grandfather told my grandmother not to worry, because these were people underground!

People underground?! Who lives underground?! Is there life underground at all?! Many questions ran through my mind at the time. I asked my grandmother, and all my limbs trembled: “Grandma, who are the people underground?!”

My grandfather replied instead of my grandmother: “They are the jinn inhabitants of the houses, my child, but they are not harmful at all, they just welcome you!”

I was shocked and translated this shock and fear I felt into a look I gave my grandmother, who in turn hugged me tightly. I asked her to return to our home immediately, but my grandfather promised me a walk on his farms as soon as the sun rose if I changed my mind and he promised me lots of sweets.

We were supposed to go to sleep again, but despite my young age I was unable to do so, and then I saw a long shadow wearing black clothes, so long that my vision could not reach the end of it. I began to tremble and my grandmother was sleeping next to me, and I could not tell her of his presence until dawn.

At dawn, he disappeared, so I woke up my grandmother with tears streaming down my face. I told her that the room was haunted by demons and devils and that we had to leave it until we could return. We did indeed change bedrooms, and we wish we hadn’t!

The room we went to was worse, the next night as soon as it got dark and we went to sleep there was knocking on the window and I heard my grandmother say: “We are peaceful leave us alone we will not hurt you”!

Her words had a resonant effect on me, I was overcome with fear and terror, and again the same black shadow appeared to us from the window, but this time it was so short that I focused on its features, which were not there in the first place! Honestly, it had no clear features on its face, it was the strangest thing I had ever seen in my entire life, she wanted to scream for someone to help us, but my voice did not appear at all!

He kept bothering us all night and we couldn’t scream as if he was controlling our thoughts, minds and even our movements. With the dawning of the second time in a row, he disappeared. I decided not to stay in the house for a single second, and my grandmother agreed with me out of fear that something bad might happen to me. We actually returned to our house and I have never forgotten those two nights even though I was young at the time.

We kept telling each other that there were jinn in my grandfather’s house. My grandmother had stopped her habit of going to see my grandfather at his house, so my grandfather would bring us the good things from his farms from time to time and try to convince my grandmother to go and visit him, but she would refuse vehemently.

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