Stories and lessons that touch our painful era

Our current era is the worst era that the Islamic nation has ever experienced. Despite the long history of our Islamic nation and its many stages, we are, sadly, living through its worst stages ever.

It is unfortunate that you cannot find a place where there are Muslims except that you see injustice and oppression against them, in addition to the shedding of their blood and the violation of their honor. Unfortunately and sadly, the rest of the Muslims around them do not have the ability to extend a helping hand to them, nor to repel injustice from them, nor even to think about taking revenge for them.

Allah the Almighty and the Most High is our Lord, and our noble Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, spoke the truth. On the authority of Abu Abd al-Salam, on the authority of Thawban, who said: The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said: “The nations will soon call upon you as people call upon each other to eat.” Someone said: “And will we be few in number that day?!” He said: “Rather, you will be numerous that day, but you will be like the scum of a torrent. Allah will remove from the hearts of your enemy the fear of you and will cast weakness into your hearts.” Someone said: “O Messenger of Allah, what is weakness?!” He said: “Love of this world and hatred of death.”

The first story:

One of the most beautiful stories and lessons ever…

It was narrated that when one of the Muslim caliphs died, the wise men of the region met together. The main and sole aim of the meeting was to exploit the current opportunity, as the Muslims would be busy with each other and disagree among themselves, which would enable them to raid the Muslims and attack them.

Among them was a wise man who completely rejected the proposed idea. When they asked him why he refused, he did not answer their question, but he ordered two great dogs to be brought and he stood up and incited them, so the two dogs fought each other savagely until their blood flowed. Then he ordered a wolf to be brought and attacked the two dogs!

As soon as the two dogs saw the wolf, they forgot about the dispute between them, their hearts reconciled, and they pounced on the wolf and killed him!

The wise man said to the Romans: “The chaos will continue among the Muslims as long as an enemy from outside appears to them. When he appears, they will abandon the enmity among themselves and unite against their enemy.”

The Roman rulers listened to the words of the wise man among them and left the Muslims.

But the bitter question that breaks our hearts remains: Is this really the state of today’s Muslim rulers?!
Is Rumi’s assumption and analysis of them really true?!

But from my point of view, I do not assert that, because every ruler is only concerned with the throne and his remaining on the throne, even if he offers the most precious and valuable things for that purpose, even if he seeks the help of the enemies of the religion, the Romans themselves, against the Muslims.

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The second story:

One of the most beautiful stories and lessons ever…

It was reported that when Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi was young and was once playing in the street with other young boys like him, his father noticed him, took him from among the young boys and lifted him high in his arms, as he was tall. His father said to him: “Your mother did not marry and did not give birth to you to play with the boys; rather, I married your mother and gave birth to you to liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque!”

Suddenly, his father let him go and he fell to the ground. His father looked at him and saw the pain of falling on his face, so he asked him: “Did falling hurt you?!”

Saladin replied: “Yes, it hurt me.”

His father asked him in surprise: “Why didn’t you scream?!”

His son answered him, saying: “The liberator of Al-Aqsa should not have cried out!”

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The third story:

The strongest poetic duel ever, where they excelled in describing our Arab and Islamic state and the extent of submissiveness we have reached, especially in our current days…

When the singer “Fairuz” sang…

Now, now, not tomorrow

Let the bells of return ring.

The poet Nizar Qabbani replied to her saying:

Where do you come back from, Fairuz?

And the return needs a cannon

You’re welcome, Fairuz. Sorry.

The bells of return will not ring

A stake was driven below us

From Sharm El Sheikh to Sa’sa

And the Palestinian poet, Tamim Al-Barghouti, responded to them, saying:

Excuse me, Fairuz and Nizar

The situation now is the worst

If your time is ugly

Our leadership time is the worst

Scoundrels playing with our nation

And the flesh of infants

The site needs people

The people need a defender

And the defenceless people are poor

Where will he get you a cannon?!

Iraqi poetry responded to the singer Fairuz, the poet Nizar Qabbani, and the poet Tamim Al-Barghouti, saying:

Excuse me, Fairuz and Nizar

Pardon me for your high position

Excuse me, Tamim Al-Barghouthi

If I were to say the worst

No now, now, not tomorrow

The bells of history are ringing

Baghdad has joined Jerusalem

And everyone can see and hear

The Arab people are humiliated

He is no longer looking for a gun.

Looking for a green dollar

He enters the Arab club faster

The Sudanese poet “Qais Abdul Rahman Omar” responded to them all, saying…

Pardon the writers of our nation

The situation has deteriorated to the worst

The revolution is no longer enough

The lowly ones benefit from it

Jealousy no longer attracts us

Nobility died at the source

Nothing can bind us anymore

No religion unites us anymore

No more sweat to rise

Excuse me, writers of my time

No pen has united our nation

The situation now is the worst

The Sudanese poet Sanaa Abdel-Azim responded by saying…

Excuse me, Fairuz and Nizar

Pardon me for your high position

Pardon me Tamim and Iraqi

I was not convinced by your words

Pardon our Sudanese brother

Who supported four poets?

Nobility is still in us

Old, young or infant

We will return, we will return as we were

Our nation will be blessed

And the ship of our nation sails

You will fight the waves and you will not be defeated

We lead people as we were

In the era of Muhammad we did not panic Fairuz wait for our return

Your bells were about to ring

Qabbani, be patient, Qabbani

The cannon needs a factory

The factory is about to be built.

And goodness springs from our nation

Pardon Tamim Al-Barghouti

The people will never be convinced

Hello to our Iraqi poet

The bells of history will ring

Jerusalem and Baghdad return

We pray in Al-Aqsa and kneel

We will never accept humiliation

We will return to Damascus soon

We will return to the approach of our Muhammad

And the approach of his companions is the highest

Glory returns to our nation

We rule the world

God promised us victory

We look forward to victory

Glory will return to our nation

We will not submit to anyone but God

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