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God Almighty said in His Noble Book in Surat Ash-Shura: (And if God were to extend provision to His servants, they would surely rebel throughout the earth. But He sends down in due measure what He wills. Indeed, He is, of His servants, Acquainted and Seeing.)

Our story today is one of the most beautiful stories and lessons ever, as it explains to us the meanings of this verse in the Holy Quran, which is that our Creator, glory be to Him, is able to make us all rich and provide us with everything we need in this life, but then we would be greedy on earth, but out of God’s mercy towards us, He made everything in moderation.

Universe Experiment No. 25:

The Universe Experiment 25 is considered one of the most terrifying scientific experiments throughout history, and it is also one of the most important and profound stories and lessons ever…

The experiment started out very normally, and from how normal it seemed, he would never have imagined that it would gradually become as dark as it was by the end of the experiment. The experiment itself began in 1970 AD when the American behavioral scientist “John Calhoun” decided to conduct an in-depth experiment on behaviors and the possibility of changing them, and we will know specifically later why it was called the Universe 25 experiment.

The experiment involves bringing four male mice and four female mice, provided that they are healthy and do not suffer from any diseases or birth defects. He builds a large colony with food and water always available in abundance, and everything that mice need and search for.

The scientist committed himself to providing all the needs of the mice in a way that would ensure their existence forever so that they would not suffer and also be happy, and he named the colony the Mouse Paradise.

From the first day, the scientist “Calahon” began recording all the observations on the mice. Not much time passed after the construction of this colony until the first mouse was born in it. The number of births began to increase and the number of births in the colony was very large. The colony enjoyed stability and calm and happiness and love prevailed among all the mice without exception. The most important observation that “Calahon” recorded was that the number of mice had reached six hundred mice in a very short period of time.

On the three hundred and fifteenth day of Calahon’s experiment, he made a very strange note. The mice’s behavior had become extremely aggressive and violent. This change in behavior was incomprehensible and without warning. The strangest thing was that after this day, the mice began to form groups and parties. Each group and party separated themselves from the rest, and divided themselves according to the behavior of each individual. The strong mice remained in groups together, unlike the weak mice, who gathered and isolated themselves from the rest and from each other as well.

Every day that passed by the colony, which was basically a (mice paradise), the experience became more and more bleak. A group of weak male mice separated from their wives and left them alone with their young mice. The weak males went to distant corners of the colony, and the strong male mice began a new chapter, which was the female mice raping the weak males who left them alone!

From this point on, the strong mice began to impose their control by force and coercion on all the mice. The behavior of the female mice also changed completely, becoming more aggressive and violent. They began to beat their young, to the point that some of them even killed their young.

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The darkest thing of all was when some mice ate other mice, and they did so despite the abundance of food of all kinds. Their actions were not motivated by hunger but by lust. Calahon noted that all social bonds between the mice had collapsed, and he also noticed a suspiciously low birth rate. The strangest thing was that the number of females was greatly diminishing due to the large number of killings and suicides!

One of the powerful observations he made was that there was a group of mice that kept to themselves and did not enter into any conflicts or suffer any harm. They were all males who slept, ate, drank, and did nothing else. Calahon called them the Beauties. The colony was characterised by laziness due to the constant abundance of food. The colony had become a haven for mice.

After a year and a half of starting the experiment, the number of mice reached 2200 mice, and the number is still decreasing, and diseases have spread among them. As for the beautiful ones, their actions were an example of a major catastrophe, as perversion became widespread among them, and diseases spread that would kill them immediately. It is clear that it did not continue to be a paradise for the mice, but rather became a real hell for them.

Diseases spread and deaths increased, in addition to murders and suicides as we mentioned before, and the birth rate decreased from the beginning. Every day, the scientist “Calahon” would take notes and write down the results of his experiment. After two years of the experiment, “Calahon” noticed the birth of the last mouse in this paradise. As soon as it grew stronger, this mouse killed everyone in the colony and remained alone in it!

The scientist “Calahon” had conducted the universe experiment twenty-four times before this time, and in each attempt he reached the same result, so he conducted the twenty-fifth version and concluded the experiment and did not repeat it again and published it.

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