Long stories titled love in its highest form

Love has a magical effect in changing human souls in a way that amazes everyone. There are people around us who have changed, and the change is always for the better because they fell in love with the right person.

Who among us does not want to find the right love of his life to be able to correct his whole life and live happily? Who among us does not want to stumble upon a partner who helps him overcome all obstacles with love and kindness?!

Did you find it or what?!

The story:

She celebrated her achievement and that she was able to break the record for completing a year as the director of the president of the largest company in the country. Despite his wide fame and the generous and attractive salary he offered, no one succeeded in continuing to work with him, as he was difficult to deal with, moody and sharp-tongued.

The beginning of the story:

From the beginning, her life’s dream was to become a capable teacher in mathematics, and she actually submitted all the necessary papers and went through the audition and selection test, but unfortunately she was rejected despite their offer to accept her as a business manager for the manager personally, and the worst decision she made was that she agreed to this job.

Her psyche was negatively affected. She was taking sedatives all day long, and she could only sleep at night with a sleeping pill. Despite its great effect, she would wake up in the middle of the night from the intensity of her fear of her manager, whom she feared greatly.

In general, she was happy with her achievement, but her old friend woke her up from her happiness by reminding her of the importance of going to the doctor, reassuring herself, and finding out the reason behind the chronic headaches that she constantly suffers from.

When she underwent all the tests, she was shocked when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and that she only had a few days left. She collapsed and didn’t know what to do!

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Anger and revenge:

She decided to take revenge on her manager for everything he did to her. She realized inside that the main and only reason behind her end was her manager who poisoned her life and made her live under constant stress. So she put on black clothes and went to his house to take revenge on him. Her revenge was very funny. She made him suspect that she wanted to kill him and in the end she threw dirty water in his face!

He went out after her, wanting to punish her for what she had done, but she managed to escape in her car. He called her to reprimand her and ask her to return to receive the punishment she deserved, but she refused and made him hear a barrage of the worst words, but she heard the sound of a car and lost his voice, so she returned to him to check on him, and then she found him drowning in his own blood. Halfway!

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Fateful decision:

She took him very quickly to the nearest hospital, and immediately they took him into the operating room. She began to pray to her Lord to save him and to ask Him to do so. She wanted to take revenge on him, but not to the point of death. After long hours of fear and panic, the doctor came out of the operating room to give her the good news of his survival.

She stayed by his side for days, during which he did not wake up. The extent of her concern for him made everyone wonder about the nature of the relationship that bound them to each other, which forced her to tell everyone that she was his fiancée and future wife.

Finally he woke up and luckily for her he had lost his memory. She felt as if the opportunity for revenge had come to her on a golden platter, so she began torturing him by making him eat everything he hated before and scold her for it.

Sometimes she took his money and gave bonuses to company employees, which made the matter seem exhausting to him. He was amazed at the way she treated her, but what should he do when in the end she is his fiancée?!

Revealing the facts and extent of falsehood:

The young man had claimed to have lost his memory in order to know the reasons behind the attempt to kill him and take his life. He had implicated the person who had hit him with his car in his evil deeds, and had collected all the evidence and presented it to the police and received his punishment. He suspected that the girl was his partner, but he concluded otherwise and did not know her reasons behind taking revenge on him in this hideous way!

Most of all, he wanted to know the motives of his only lifelong friend in leaving him alone on the road struggling with death. He had appointed a private investigator to find out all this information; Indeed, his friend was seeking revenge on him as well, so he gathered all the shareholders to withdraw confidence from the director, and this would destroy everything he had done throughout his life.

The young man kept pretending to have lost his memory until he was able to gather all the threads and reach all the hidden reasons and motives. His lifelong friend who left him to face death without help had a sister who he thought committed suicide because of his hurtful words, but his lifelong friend was wrong about that. His deceased sister had a lover who pushed her to steal books written and composed by the young man. When her secret was exposed, her lover threatened her not to reveal his secret or else he would kill her father, so she was forced to end her life.

The same person was the reason behind paying huge sums of money to the person who hit the young man with his car to end his life. He basically wanted to take revenge on him and end his life to get huge sums of money from the family of the only girl he had loved for twelve years, and her extremely wealthy family separated them because he was not suitable for their social status at the time.

Love changes circumstances:

He had only one reason left to know, and the motives of the girl who was spoiling his good life. He found her diaries by chance and decided to read them. He actually came to know her motive, that she was suffering from a serious illness, and he considered it to be the reason behind that. He decided to change his entire life, and found himself falling in love with her.

While the girl decided to stay away from him and forgive him, especially after she was involved in an accident before her eyes with a delivery employee and he left life immediately. She found herself lucky to be given a chance in life before her departure to do everything she loved and be able to say goodbye to her loved ones. The young man did not want to stay away from her, and was creative with methods and methods. To keep her by his side and try to put her on the right path to begin her treatment.

He actually traveled with her abroad on a business trip, but it was a trip to start her treatment. There was a pleasant surprise for her heart. Her diagnosis was wrong. Here, the young man decided to take it as a suitable opportunity to ask for her hand in marriage. The girl felt that he was sympathetic to her, but he explained everything to her and made her the crowned queen of his entire life, after he was able to uncover the truth, punish everyone for what they did, apologize, and compensate everyone he had wronged before.

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