Long stories titled Journey from marriage to separation!

In every moment of our lives, we make many decisions, perhaps small decisions or perhaps fateful decisions. From the many decisions that a person has to make, we can say that his life is a series of decisions and choices. One of us may regret a decision he has made throughout his life. You see, regret continues throughout life just because of a decision he made at a critical moment!

The story of a journey from marriage to separation:

The story of a young girl who knew nothing about life. She was only eighteen years old at the time and had no experience with real life. She spent her life between books and years of study.

One day, her father decided to marry her to his nephew. The girl objected at first, as in her imagination she was waiting for her knight in shining armor. She thought that she would not enjoy the life she deserved with her cousin, who had never learned anything. She felt as if her father wanted her to serve his brother and his sons, given the extreme fatigue of her aunt’s wife.

Despite her refusal, her father was able to convince her in the end. I wish she had insisted on her refusal because of the horror of what she would see because of her decision to obey her father, who presented her to his nephew on a golden platter.

The girl decided to accept the reality and try to change her life for the better, but she found herself in the biggest predicament in life, as her husband and cousin do not understand anything about the commandment of our noble Messenger (Treat women well). He made her a servant all day and his wife at night, wanting all his legal rights and she has no right to complain at all.

The poor woman found her only solace in prayer and complaining to her Creator about what was happening to her. Day after day, she found her uncle’s wife’s treatment extremely harsh. She found herself deprived of food and drink, and when she was allowed to eat, she would eat what was left of her uncle and his sons, and perhaps what was left of her husband himself.

The poor girl endured and found no consolation for herself. Day after day, the girl began to lose her luster and beauty, which she was described as having. As for her husband, he always silenced her with his burning words that she was not worthy of marriage. Despite everything she did, she was not worthy of marriage!

The girl was praying that her days in this world would pass in peace, and her greatest tragedy was when she learned that she was pregnant. Her mother was happy for her, but the girl was certain of what would happen to her. Her uncle’s wife deliberately made her do a lot of housework. Perhaps she did something and her uncle’s wife ruined it for her so that she would do it again and hear a torrent of hurtful words from her uncle and her husband.

The girl could not bear it, so she went to her father’s house and for the first time told about all the injustice she was subjected to. Her father did not believe her, because in the end she was his daughter and he had given her to his brother. He returned her with his own hand to his brother to become his servant. The girl could not bear the miserable life she was living, so she decided to make the decision that would be the reason for changing the painful reality she was living.

She decided to fix what she had ruined for herself. She informed her husband that she no longer wanted him and that he should do whatever he wanted, and that she would no longer serve anyone, and that she would only care about herself and what was in her womb until she gave birth to him safely. Of course, this scenario did not please her uncle’s wife, so she went to her. The smart girl provoked her while she was talking, and her uncle’s wife became furious in a way that made her beat her to death.

The girl wanted that, but she lost her fetus as a result of what her mother-in-law did to her. They took her to the hospital in critical condition between life and death. The girl still exploits every situation that happens to her to fix what she ruined for herself. When they told her that she lost the fetus, she was very sad about her newborn, whom she lost before he came. But she thanked her Lord that he did not come to find the person she married as a father for him, and her unjust uncle’s family as worthy of him.

She immediately decided to call the officer to testify, and despite her father’s order not to do so, she insisted and did what she wanted. She complained about her uncle’s wife and told the officer everything that had happened to her. Her uncle’s wife was arrested, and her uncle came to her and begged her to give up her right, but she informed him that she would not do so unless she had her divorce papers in her hand.

Her father threatened to raise his hand against her, but she did not collapse or break, but rather grew stronger. She informed her father that there is no obedience to a creature in disobedience to the Creator, and that she suffered greatly because of his opinion and a decision that concerned her entire life that he took for her. He had completely destroyed her life and that she would never forgive him for what he had done to her.

She insisted on her position and indeed her cousin divorced her under duress in exchange for her dropping the complaint against his mother. As soon as she regained her health, she resumed her education, took the exams and achieved the highest grades. She had set her life plan without letting anyone interfere in her life and spoil it.

She was certain that each one of us has only one life, and our Creator, Glory be to Him, has given it to us and will hold us accountable for it. So we do what we see as appropriate for us so that we will not be held accountable for what we did and chose for ourselves, and not for what others did to us.

She was able to join the medical school that she had always dreamed of, and her painful experience only made her stronger and more resilient. She worked while studying and did not depend on her father, who was against the idea of ​​her completing her education and always ordered her to return to his nephew.

Years passed and her father found no one but her when his illness worsened. His brother, who forced his daughter to endure, did not visit him even once to check on his health.

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