Children’s stories entitled A Hard Lesson, and the reason is the Kingdom of Ants

It has been observed that young children respond better to stories. Most parents use stories as an effective tool to teach their children everything they want to teach about good morals and valuable behaviors.

There is a close relationship between a child’s listening to stories and increasing his linguistic vocabulary, making him more socially interactive with those around him. He increases in self-confidence day after day, especially when he is encouraged to read on his own, act out the story with its events, and narrate it in his own way and unique style.

Stories of this type of literature fill every place around us and are waiting for someone to narrate them to benefit from what is contained in them. On this website we provide many, many useful and valuable stories for our young children. All you have to do is seize them and narrate them to their ears.

The story:

One day there was a little boy who was eight years old. He was so lazy and did not want to do any tasks that he was too lazy to play, which many children his age enjoyed.

Whenever his mother asked him to do something, he hesitated, and despite his mother’s sadness all the time because of his actions and his feeling of her sadness, he did not try to change himself, and despite his mother’s numerous complaints to his father and his father’s urging of him to do what was required of him and to work hard in studying his lessons, he It was always without influence on him.

The mother and father despaired over the condition of their only son and began searching for any solution to treat him. The nature of laziness cannot be eradicated from the human soul, especially when a person gets used to it from a young age. His mother began praying for him to be righteous and prosperous in every obligation of prayer, and the matter even developed in her to the point that she began to wake up during It’s magic time to pray to her Creator and beseech Him to change the situation of her only son.

One night, the child was lying on the bed and watching a cartoon about the kingdom of ants. He was eating sausages and did not care about what fell on his bed. He did not clean his sleeping place and did not put the rest of his food in the kitchen. Rather, he left everything in its place as it is! This was his nature, which His parents couldn’t change it.

The child stood far away, watching the procession of the Queen of Ants. The procession was loaded with all kinds and types of delicious, delicious food. All the ants were walking regularly and lined up as if they were soldiers. They were walking with amazing perfection.

The child found a team of ants whose sole mission was to serve the rest of the ants. He also saw some ants taking care of the eggs and baby ants and never leaving the place. The child also noticed a team of ants who were specialized in delivering the Queen’s orders and doing nothing other than conveying information. He found everyone working happily and contentedly, and everyone was interested in their work and did not get bored or look at others. Everyone was working tirelessly, without getting bored or even complaining.

The child found himself watching the movements of all the ants around him. He stayed like this for a long time, with many, many thoughts circulating inside him. As he looked and analyzed the actions of the ants around him, he noticed a lazy ant that was doing nothing but standing. It was not doing anything except standing, sitting, and sleeping. She remained in this state until the response came without warning. Suddenly and without warning, a large group of ants gathered around her, carrying her and pulling her out of the hole forcefully and violently. As soon as they finished their task of getting rid of the lazy ant, they all immediately returned to their work.

At that time, a strong fear fell into the child’s heart that his fate would be like the fate of this lazy ant if one of them saw him inside their hole, so he hid himself well and did not make any sound, but he continued to watch the entire situation around him and learn from the kingdom of ants. As soon as the movement around him calmed down, the little ant that had hidden him from the beginning inside the burrow came to him and informed him in a low voice that it was the best time to leave the burrow without being noticed by anyone in the ant kingdom.

The little ant said to him in a very faint and intermittent voice: “I know for sure that you are afraid and trembling. I have been watching you all day while I was working. I was afraid for you, especially after what they did to the lazy ant. She is an ant and from our clan, but they did not have mercy on her just because of her laziness, so what about you when you are an intruder? The Kingdom poses an imminent danger to us all?! But I know that you have a good heart. I will get you out of the hole safely, but don’t ever come back here again, because then I will have nothing for you, and you will have to face them all!”

The child came out of the hole running very quickly. Because of his great speed, he fell to the ground. At the same time, he woke up from his sleep to the sound of his mother calling him to wake him from his sleep. The child turned off the television and kept thinking about the harsh lesson he saw in the dream. He kept thinking about the lessons learned and made the decision that… In addition to his entire life, the decision he made was to abandon laziness once and for all and never return to it again.

The child got up from his bed, and the first thing he did was tidy up his entire bedroom. Nothing was left of it except that it was extremely clean. When his mother saw it, she was amazed at his situation and hugged him tightly. She could not believe her eyes from the intensity of joy and woke up his father to see the change that had occurred in his little one. His father rewarded him in a way that made him… He rejected laziness throughout his life, and when he grew up, he became one of the most successful achievers.

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