The Ethereum Layer-2 Blast network will launch an airdrop for early adopters on June 26.

The Ethereum Layer-2 Blast network will launch an airdrop for its first users on June 26, according to a social media post from the team on June 25. Seventeen percent of the total supply will be released during the airdrop, with 7% going to users who have staked Ethereum (ETH) or USDBlast (USDB) on the network. An additional 7% will be allocated to those who have “contributed to the success of DApps” on Blast and 3% will go to the Blur Foundation for future airdrops from its community.

An accompanying report states that wallets ranked in the top 1,000 by score will “receive a portion of their airdrop linearly” over six months, meaning those accounts won’t be able to sell all of their tokens for another six months.

The Blur Foundation claimed that it would distribute its share of token rewards to traders and holders who have used or will use its platform. One percent of the total supply will go to Traders and Owners in Season 3, 0.5% will be reserved for Traders and Owners in Season 4, and another 0.5% will be reserved for future use. Blur did not specify how the remaining 0.5% would be used

Codes will be available to redeem at 10 a.m. ET (2 p.m. UTC), according to a social media post.

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According to blockchain analytics platform L2Beat, the Blast network is the fourth largest layer 2 Ethereum network in terms of total value locked (TVL). Since its launch in November, TVL has grown to over $2.9 billion.

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According to the report, 50% of Blast’s token supply will ultimately be distributed to the community, including 17% in a “first phase”, starting on June 26. The remaining 33% will be distributed in other stages which will be announced later.

Customize explosive airdrops. Source: explosion

More than a quarter (25.5%) of the total offering is distributed to major shareholders, 16.5% to investors and 8% to the Blast Foundation to build infrastructure and develop the Blast ecosystem. Tokens allocated to major shareholders, investors and the foundation are acquired and unlocked over a period of four years.

Some Blast users have complained about the eligibility requirements for the top 1,000 wallet holders. Airdrop fighter and

However, Olympio claimed they were “excited to see how it goes.”

On June 17, the second layer network zkSync also launched an airdrop, and over 491,000 wallets received their tokens at that time.

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