Retail giant Target Corporation rolls out new intelligence tool

Retail giant Target Corporation is rolling out a new artificial intelligence tool to help hundreds of thousands of employees across its nearly 2,000 U.S. stores.

The chatbot called “Store Companion” is expected to be rolled out by August, helping employees answer questions about work processes, train new team members and support store operations, among other things, according to a company press release published on June 20.

Target said its new AI-powered chatbot is “designed to make team members’ jobs easier and improve the shopping experience.”

It will be available as an app on mobile devices used by Target employees, providing instant answers to their questions about processes and procedures.

“How do I sign up a guest for a Target Circle card” is one of the questions Target employees may ask on Store Companion.

“How do I restart the cash register in the event of a power outage?” » might be another question.

Photo of Target employees protesting at a Target store. Source:

Target Executive Vice President and Chief Store Officer Mark Shindell called generative AI a “revolutionary technology,” noting that Store Companion will make business tasks easier and improve the customer experience. The company has more than 400,000 employees in the United States, according to MacroTrends.

“The tool frees up our team’s time and attention to carefully serve customers and create a shopping destination that invites discovery, ease and moments of joy every day.”

Store Companion was developed by Target’s in-house technology team.

The AI-powered chatbot is currently being tested in around 400 stores across the country, which are providing feedback on how to improve it before rolling it out chain-wide.

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Target also uses generative AI to summarize reviews and make product descriptions on its site pages more relevant, helping shoppers make confident purchasing decisions.

The company said it is testing dozens of other AI applications that may also be rolled out in the future.

The news had no material impact on Target’s (TGT) stock price on Thursday, which rose 0.59% to $143.38, according to Google Finance data.

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