One of the main goals of developers in the Web3 field is to create a product that serves the user.

One of the main goals of developers in the Web3 space is to create a product that serves the end user as efficiently as possible by leveraging new decentralized technologies. The new DApp aims to change the landscape of product development and user engagement.

Propeller’s decentralized application (DApp), the first application built on the River protocol, seeks to improve the way product teams interact with their user base. It focuses on meaningful engagement and dynamic feedback – like Trustpilot but for Web3.

LCA, the team behind Propeller, has been active in this area, promoting more community-focused applications and previously working with Web3 giants such as Opensea and Moonpay.

It allows users of a specific DApp or product to interact directly with team members, share their own ideas, and engage with other power users, while rewarding them for their valuable contribution.

The right feedback at the right time

The team said this was to ensure feedback was collected and processed effectively rather than just being left in the dust.

It’s for a startup, LCA CEO Greg Isenberg told Cointelegraph, The right feedback at the right time can be the difference between failure and generating $100 million in revenue per year.

“Sharing comments on social media in 2024 is like shouting into the void – drowning in a sea of ​​content.”

He said they saw the need for product teams to be closer than ever to their users, in a dedicated, decentralized space, and aimed to create something that opened “a two-way street between product teams and their super users.”

The DApp leverages token-controlled memberships and cross-chain verification provided by leveraging blockchain. This ensures that product reviews come from verified community members rather than bots or fake accounts, she said.

Each membership is thus represented as a non-fungible token (NFT), which also tracks early adopters of the DApp and thus helps create reputable members and reputation-based rewards.

Users at the center

Brian Meek, co-founder and CTO of HNT Labs, the Web3 investment studio behind River Protocol, noted that the industry is about to see the most valuable aspect of Web2 – messaging applications – be developed and incubated on Web3 platforms.

“To facilitate this shift and drive widespread adoption, we will need high-quality, purpose-built products with familiar feature sets and aligned with user needs and preferences. »

Meek is not alone in his philosophy of needing products that meet the needs of the end user as a primary brand.

In a recent interview with Cointelegraph at the Proof of Talk 2024 conference in Paris, Amanda Cassatt, CEO of marketing agency Web3 Serotonin and former CMO of Consensys, highlighted the enormous value created by producing something that presents a real benefit and achieves a specific objective. The need of its end user.

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