Michael Saylor, CEO and co-founder of MicroStrategy, spoke

Michael Saylor, CEO and co-founder of business intelligence firm MicroStrategy, recently spoke about the virtues of Bitcoin – including claims that it will reach $10 million per coin and that all of China will support the cryptocurrency – in an 84-minute podcast interview.

Pseudo-economic science

In the introduction to the video above, excerpts of Saylor asserting the physical price: “The cost of Bitcoin will reach ten million dollars per coin,” sit alongside quotes in typical entrepreneur emphasis:

“What is the difference between perfect money and imperfect money? Perfect money is economic immortality. “Imperfect money is: we all have short, brutal lives. »

The main idea, aside from Saylor’s obvious belief that Bitcoin is the future of money, is that Bitcoin serves society as a sort of corporate immortality machine.

Saylor framed this idea with the question: “What if I told you I could keep your business alive forever?”

According to him, everything that preceded Bitcoin, economically speaking, became obsolete with its introduction:

“Economics is a pseudoscience before Satoshi. It is a liberal, almost religious art, full of opinions, prejudices and prejudices. …All economists before Satoshi tried to formulate the laws of economics using shells, glass beads, pieces of paper and credit instruments.

Corporate immortality

Ultimately, Saylor’s view revolved around the idea that companies that invest in Bitcoin are able to survive longer than those that are still mired in the fate of traditional businesses.

By sailor:

“The average lifespan of the company is around 10 years. …We’re talking about eliminating business mortality, we’re talking about easily increasing economic vitality by a factor of 10, maybe by a factor of a hundred, maybe by a factor of a million.

As for exactly how it works, Saylor seems to have figured that out too. Besides his direct statement that he believes the Chinese people and government will embrace Bitcoin, he predicted that at some point in the future, one Bitcoin will be worth $10 million.

source: Michael Saylor.

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