AssangeDAO member Silk Nawa said in a post

AssangeDAO member Silk Noah said in a

To free Assange, NOAA explained that an allocation of 16,593 Ethereum (ETH) was managed by the Wau Holland Foundation “from its multiple wallet addresses.”

“It can be said that there were security reasons that prevented full transparency in the allocation of funds so that Julian’s case was not compromised in the past. But now is the time for the F. Holland Foundation to provide a detailed report on how the funds will be allocated, as it has repeatedly requested in the past.

Source: SilkNow

Assange, an Australian journalist and activist, founded WikiLeaks, a platform that publishes secret and sensitive documents. He has been imprisoned since April 2019.

AssangeDAO’s efforts over the years

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Harry Halpin, CEO of NEM, explained:

“AssangeDAO was created by Julian’s friends like me and Amir Taki after seeing the amount of money raised for NFTs tokenized like Constitution DAO.”

Halpin explained that Niem “knew that Julian’s legal team was strapped for cash” and that due to Assange’s dire situation, they decided that “this type of fundraising could be used for his legal defense.”

Joshua Butt, a former member of the AssangeDAO core team, told Cointelegraph:

“The DAO was created by Assange’s friends and family, as well as other participants recruited from the web3 space, to raise funds for Julian’s defense using new fundraising mechanisms that were popular at the time.”

Pat explained that the funds raised came from the “onchain and cypherpunk communities.” This raised awareness of the situation and prompted decentralized community action, he said.

This is a developing story, and more information will be added as it becomes available.

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