Aptos Labs and NBCUniversal enter into long-term development agreement to supply entertainment company

Aptos Labs and NBCUniversal have entered into a long-term development agreement to provide the entertainment company with Web3 fan experiences, customer loyalty programs and games. Aptos already has a strong track record in developing experiences for fans of major Universal films.

Aptos will expand on previous Web3 initiatives introduced by NBCUniversal, according to the announcement. Aptos developed Free Renfield the Game in March 2023 based on the movie “Renfield”. The game allows players to search for bugs that grant superpowers to their owner and match them to scenes from the film. They then won prizes including collectible digital artwork.

In September, Aptos created behind-the-scenes media, augmented reality filters, digital art and rewards opportunities for “The Exorcist: Believer” ticket buyers through the Fandango service.


NBCUniversal believes in Web3

Other NBCUniversal Web3 broadcasts included a digital scavenger hunt during Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort. This event was created in collaboration with blockchain payment system MoonPay. Greg Reed, vice president of technology partnerships at Universal Pictures, said:

“Today’s media and entertainment landscape is rapidly evolving, with fan experiences and preferences driving many of these changes compared to previous eras.”

NBCUniversal is owned by telecommunications giant Comcast. NBCUniversal owns the DreamWorks film studio and the Peacock streaming service.

Source: Aptos

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Aptos participates in many blockchain technologies

Aptos, led by former Meta executives Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching, launched a proof-of-stake blockchain in October 2022 using software language developed for Meta’s failed Diem Stablecoin project. Among others, it operates the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange PancakeSwap, the Indian social media platform Chingari and the intellectual property rights protection service Overlai.

Aptos integrated Microsoft’s AI tools from its Azure OpenAI service in August, hoping to appeal to the financial services industry.

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