Apple has decided to postpone the release of Apple Intelligence, iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay

Apple has decided to postpone the release of Apple Intelligence, iPhone Mirroring, and SharePlay Screen Sharing in the European Union due to concerns over Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations, according to various press reports.

Apple Intelligence is Apple’s artificial intelligence upgrade. An Apple spokesperson described Apple’s intelligence as a set of high-performance large languages ​​and “propagation models,” as well as an “on-device semantic index” that runs within apps to identify data and integrate it into models, according to Apple’s website. . CNBC. This affected the Siri voice assistant and other functions.

The European Union expects big tech companies to act on their own

iPhone Mirroring allows users to view and control their iPhones from their Mac. SharePlay screen sharing allows FaceTime users to control other people’s devices during a conversation. Fred Sainz, Apple’s senior director of corporate communications, told The Verge in a statement:

“We are concerned that the DMA’s interoperability requirements may require us to compromise the integrity of our products in a way that threatens user privacy and data security.”

Apple is one of six companies designated as “guardians” by the European Union and enjoys particularly strong positions in their markets. Besides Apple, gatekeeping companies include Alphabet, Amazon, ByteDance, Meta and Microsoft. EU regulators say the six companies operate 22 “essential platform services.” Access controllers are subject to the rules of the Digital Markets Act, which came into force in May 2023.

The EU is a huge market

The rules imposed on gatekeepers cover, among other things, interactions with third parties, users’ control over their own data and the data they generate, and the rights of companies to verify that advertisements are hosted on their platforms.

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Violations of these rules may result in penalties of up to 10% of the company’s total annual worldwide revenue, or up to 20% for repeated violations, as well as additional remedies. Apple is already under investigation over its business practices in the European Union.

Source: MJ Siegler

The European Union has 27 member states and a population of 448.4 million.

Cointelegraph reached out to Apple and Sign news departments for confirmation and additional information, but did not receive immediate responses.

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